Calscape’s Irrigation Division


Calscape’s Irrigation Division is committed to providing our customers with intelligent, cost-efficient water-management solutions.  Furthermore, a properly designed and installed irrigation system is essential to achieving the full aesthetic value of any landscape. We are one of the most progressive water management companies offering the latest in technology advancements coupled with years of extensive field experience.
Whether it is simple or complex, Calscape designs, installs, modifies, and services irrigation systems for any residential home, duplex, apartment complex and business environments including offices, churches, industrial facilities, shopping malls, schools, hotels, and sports fields.

Our goal is to ensure that the value of your landscape investment appreciates through proper management and practical enhancements that will prove a quick return on your investment.  We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of the rebates (if offered) by their water district by installing or modifying their irrigation system. Not only do these rebates help offset the initial cost of the installation or modification, but the money saved on your water bill goes a long way. Because inefficient watering can adversely impact both budgets and the environment, Calscape partners with clients to combat water problems experienced at nearly every site by:

Reduce Water Costs - The average site is over-watered. With proper management and equipment, we provide our clients with substantial savings in water costs.

Decrease Property Damage - Proper water management can reduce or eliminate many types of property damage like asphalt and concrete degradation due to water “run-off,” window and building damage due to sprinkler “overspray,” and  mold and fungus issues due to water-logged soil around building foundations.

Reduce Safety Liabilities - Reduce the water “run-off” and over-watering that may lead to a potential slip and fall hazard.

Increase Property  Management Efficiency - Properly managed landscape water will decrease window cleaning maintenance, fertilizer applications, water-borne pest control treatments, and asphalt and concrete replacement.

Improve Landscape Vitality - Improper watering can cause soil nutrient loss and shallow-rooting, weak, disease-susceptible plants.

Calscape’s Landscape Irrigation Services

• Irrigation System Installation and Water-conservation Modification
• Landscape Water Auditing and Budgeting
• Water-Use Analysis
• 24-Hour Emergency Services
• Prompt troubleshooting and repair services
• Installation and Monitoring of Self-Adjusting Controllers (ET, Sensor, Web, Central-based controller systems)
• System Mapping
• Wire Tracking
• Controller repairs
• Backflow testing and repairs
• Installation and management of fertilizer injection systems